The Chase Academy - Innovative Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"


Behavioral Therapy: Each Comprehensive Customized Learning Plan (CCLP) includes a behavioral plan designed to curb undesirable behaviors and encourage positive interaction models. Classroom teachers implement the plan with the support of parents in the home environment to follow similar techniques that are deemed successful for the student.

Occupational Therapy: An Occupational Therapist is utilized to direct and integrate therapy that deals with personal self-sufficiency as well as providing for fine and gross motor skill support. The OT directs the lesson plans for each classroom and acts as management over the Occupational Therapy Assistants who implement classroom activities. The OT provides one-on-one support services to students whose CCLP requires it.

Speech Therapy: A Speech and Language Specialist(s) is utilized to support those students who have been diagnosed with a language or communication delay. Therapy is provided one-on-one or in a small group setting as directed by the CCLP, and PECS or other communication means are encouraged and utilized for those students requiring communication aides.

Sensory Integration Therapy: Sensory Integration therapy techniques are utilized in every classroom and integrated into the classroom behaviors in order to decrease students' sensitivities and increase their tolerance for new sensations. SI activities are a major focus of the active playtime given to all students in the form of Physical Education/Recess. Activities encourage each student's ability to organize and integrate experiences and body sensations.

Art/Music Therapy: The focus of art and music therapy is to provide students with an alternative form of self-expression and to foster any artistic tendencies. All students are given access to these areas of study. Preferences are accommodated.

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