The Chase Academy - Innovative Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"


The Chase Academy acknowledges that parents are instrumental in the success of their student. As such, the Academy and its staff creates a partnership with parents not only in the endeavor of educating their children, but also as a commitment to providing parents with as much information and resources related to Autism and ASD as possible. This program, while supplemental in nature, is instrumental in the success of the Academy's Educational program, and is one which all members are committed to developing and expanding throughout the Academy's growth.


As an organization whose mission is to build community, while helping those on the Spectrum get the educational services they need, our Board has come together to build a series of outreach activities that will serve our mission and allow members of the Autism community to receive some unique services. Currently, we are in the planning stages but here are a few of the programs we have in the works:

Meditation Training Circle – Lead by a Certified Pranic Healer, this meditation program specifically targets those who suffer from the anxiety associated with Autism. Through meditative practice, the students learn to focus on their inner emotional state and provide themselves with the means to calm and restore focus. This circle is best for adolescents, teens and adults. Classes are located in DeLand.

Social Skill Development Courses – This monthly program is conducted by a LMHC, and is designed for middle and high school students who need more practice and direction with their social skills. The courses provide the students with the resources and tools they need to interact with their peers in a conducive and productive manner.  The many “why’s” of their peers' behaviors are addressed. This course is located in DeLand.

Equine Therapy – We are planning on offering this program for all ages as soon as it establishes itself in North DeLand. A monthly/bi-monthly program will be established, but private therapy will also be available.

Cotillion - An old-fashioned “how-to” for everything from formal dancing, dinner manners and society dress.  This program features a variety of “specialists” designed to best advise our group on the nuances of good manners. This program meets in various locations as needed.

Parent Support Group – Westside and Eastside groups will be developed with the help of active parent members. This members-led group will direct its course whether it be emotional support, educational and professional workshops and speakers, or just respite. We are pleased to provide a location, time and “leader” for each group.

These programs are available at a low, by-session, cost to anyone who decides to attend.  Chase Academy members receive session discounts.


Research publications, journals and texts are included both within the Media Center and on-line through our website. The reference materials are housed in a separate and distinct section of the Media Center known as the Community Resource Center. The Community Resource Center is designed specifically for parents, families and community members. This distinctive resource ensures the maximum access to the latest and most progressive research and information available.


The Chase Academy hosts various Autism support organizational meetings within the Community Resource Center to allow parents to receive emotional and medical-based support for themselves and their children. These meetings are hosted at no fee to the organization, and provide Volusia County parents with unprecedented exposure and access to the ASD support community.


As part of the curriculum, regular educational and training programs are developed and implemented for parents to attend. These are designed to create awareness, to provide support strategies for use in the home environment and to enable parents to empower their special children. The campus staff, field experts and guest speakers within the Autism field host these meetings.

If you would like to schedule a support, training or educational meeting in the Community Resource Center, please contact our Executive Director.


Through the Community Resource Center, a referral database is maintained to allow parents to seek further support services, therapy, doctors, psychologists, medical and financial aid. These referrals are strictly on the basis of availability and are not individually or collectively endorsed by the Academy. This database is offered merely as a service to both the ASD field and the parents.

If you have any questions about the materials available in the Community Resource Center, please contact our Executive Director.


The SCERTS® Model

McKay Scholarship Program

Florida State McKay Scholarship Statute

Children First Florida (SFO)

Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (UCF)


The Spectrum of Volusia County

Halifax Medical Center

The Arc of Volusia, Inc.

Easter Seals of Volusia & Flagler Counties

The Chamber, Daytona Beach/Halifax Area

Jodi Underhill, MEd, LMHC ~ Mental Health & Counseling services for individuals, groups, couples and families.

Spectrum Training Systems, Inc. ~  We are going into our fifth year of educating the parents, teachers, therapists and friends of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Thus far, we have trained over 7,000 people in the information and interventions available on ASD, through conferences and workshops.

Florida State Senators whose Districts include part of Volusia County

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