The Chase Academy - Innovative Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"


This program was designed to dove-tale with the existing academic curriculums being offered at any of the many McKay Scholarship approved private schools in Volusia County.  The program offers classroom support services to teachers and their students with High-functioning Autism by an Exceptional Student Education certified and Autism endorsed facilitator.  The cost of this program is covered by the McKay Scholarship, and often requires little or no payment on the part of the family.  To determine the cost at the school of your choice, click here.

If you are interested in utilizing the services this program offers, please contact our Executive Director, and she will meet with you and the principal of your school choice.

Classroom Support:

Hands-on Assessments:

Academic Monitoring:

Facilitator for:

Social Development:

Focused on Person-centered Planning emphasizing student:

Environmental & Behavioral Modification: