The Chase Academy - Innovative Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"


The Chase Academy's Board of Directors is assembled from community volunteers with either professional expertise or an educational background. The members serve a term of two academic years (starting in August).

The Board of Directors elects a slate of Officers from its membership which includes a President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Each Board Member, with the exception of the President, acts as Chairman to the committees formed to support the goals of The Chase Academy, Inc. The standing committees are:

These four committees are joined by as many as four other advisory committees, as necessitated by the Board's members. The President appoints all Committee Chairs.

The Board's primary governance responsibility is fiduciary, ensuring that the organization behaves in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner. The Board of Directors is also responsible for ensuring that The Chase Academy, Inc. is vigilant in its pursuit of its mission statement and organizational goals, and that all projects, activities and monetary investments align with the Academy's mission and goals.

According to the National Center for Nonprofit Boards (NCNB), there are three duties allocated to non-profit boards. These are:

As such, Board members are not to be parents of attending students, or have any such other personal interest or agendas that might cause conflict with their unbiased decision-making responsibilities. Additionally, Board members must strive to attend each monthly meeting, notifying the President if an absence is anticipated, with no more than two absences annually. School Board members also carry the following additional responsibilities:

It is important to note that the Board members provide for the public trust and do not take a daily management role. The Executive Director manages the Academy.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact the Executive Director.